Sign up your team by adding their emails

Anyone can sign their team up for Level—you don't have to be a manager. Just enter in everyone's email address and a team name and you're ready to go. (Premium users can do a couple of fancier things, like add custom questions to the survey or manage more than one team.)

Everyone will receive regular survey links

Automated emails will be sent to everyone on the team with a link to fill out the survey. (By default, these emails are sent every other Wednesday, but premium users can change the frequency and timing of the surveys.)

Nobody else on the team needs to make an account—when they click the link, they'll be shown a series of survey questions that look like this. Click a button to try it yourself!

Do you like the snacks we have right now in our break room?

(Want to see a full survey? Click here to check one out.)

Your whole team will get to see the results

After every survey, results are sent out to everyone via email. This week's results for our snacks question might look like this:

Do you like the snacks we have right now in our break room?

Level also has a dashboard where you can view historical charts. So, we can see how people's snack opinions have changed over time. (It looks like buying more sparkling waters this month was a good idea.)

That's all—nothing to it!

Everything is automated, so there's nothing left to do but kick back, relax, and watch the survey results come in. This sparks positive conversations within your team about how to make things better for everybody.

Interested in Level? Click the button below and sign up for free today: