Your team deserves to know how things are going.
And the best way to achieve that is with a transparent and anonymous system.

Transparency leads to change

We believe it's important for everyone on a team to know how everyone is feeling. It can be scary to start a conversation about changing your team for the better. But when data about everyone's happiness is made available to the whole team, conversations about those results will happen naturally. That's how positive change can start to happen.

Anonymous answers are more honest

Although transparency is important, team members need to know their input will be anonymous. Our research shows that when people know their answers might be seen by others, especially managers, they often aren't completely honest. We believe in surveys that never reveal who said what—not even to the CEO.

Bringing them together regularly is the magic

Many companies have employee engagement or feedback processes that incorporate one or even both of these principles. But most of the time, team members only get to give their feedback once a year, or once a quarter at best. This isn't often enough to spark change, and it certainly isn't often enough to track it. We believe in a system that tracks answers every couple of weeks, without taking too much time, to provide an effective team pulse to everyone.

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